Firewood is produced in various...

  • Lenghts e.g. 25 cm, 30 cm (standard), 40cm etc.
  • Strengths from thin (underarm thickness) "pizza wood" to thick wood pieces, which ensure long-lasting warmth in larger fireplaces
  • Wood types such as beech, oak, birch, alder, spruce, larch, etc.

The sales unit of the firewood corresponds to the volume of a euro grid box. The firewood is sold air-dried exclusively. The moisture is controlled by professional measurements using a Gann Hydromette HT85T measuring device, which determines the moisture several centimeters deep in the wood.


The firewood is sold mainly in self-collection at:
Werftstr. 22, 30926 Seelze or at Himmelreich Neustadt am R├╝benberge.

Registration via phone is essential: 0172 - 56 02 904

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